Review: Jester King Brewery’s Noble King

While my sriracha-honey-lime wings sizzled in the oven, I opened one of my favorite Christmas gifts: a beer!
Satyr Bottle Cap

Made by Jester King, a USDA certified organic brewery in Austin, TX, Noble King is described as a “hoppy farmhouse ale.” I enjoyed the vivid bottle art and text, although the satyr mascot on the bottle cap bordered on creepy. Can’t you imagine his maniacal laugh?

If you’re unfamiliar with the farmhouse ale style, here’s a hand dandy article that gives a little history and highlights this brewery.

As you can see in the below photo, this unfiltered beer poured a vivid honey-orange color. Though the description had me expecting a wheaty, bitter beer, the predominate flavor was actually sour. Still, the yeast-driven quality of the farmhouse ales makes the sourness manageable; and unlike most other sours I’ve had, this beer isn’t extremely fruity or sweet. It’s also on the fizzier side, making for intriguing mouthfeel.  Noble King


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