City Range Steakhouse Brews

City Range Steakhouse has both a house lager and a house red ale. The lager is just a Bud Lite clone, while the red is decent and has some flavor. The lack of brewing info and familiar flavors makes me suspicious about the beers’ origins. Anyone know anything about this Upstate steakhouse’s beers?



2 thoughts on “City Range Steakhouse Brews

  1. AB-InBev has been supplying several restaurants with a “house branded” beer. My guess is they are doing market research. BMC is continuing to evaluate how they can create beers that are perceived as craft (i.e., Shock Top and Blue Moon) and get some of the growing profits of the craft beer industry even as their flagships lose market share. It is up to us and others to educate BMC drinkers about how good well-crafted, flavorful beer tastes and supports local economies and communities.

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