Crafted Newsletter #88 – Rye’t Where You Belong

Crafted beer store in Simpsonville has some great tasting events and a bottle share in March and April.


We’ve got some more great beer for everyone, and hope to continue getting in your requests!

New Bottles and Cans
Lazy Magnolia Lazy Saison
Anderson Valley Huge Arker
Coast Cormorant Stout
Shmaltz He’Brew RIPA on RYE
Great Divide Lasso
Great Divide Old Ruffian 12oz
Stillwater Existent
Bell’s Consecrator
Southern Star Bombshell Blonde

For our current list of kegs on tap, please click here.

Thanks to everyone who came out for our “Smoke” tasting this past Thursday!  We grabbed a wide variety that all featured smoke in varying levels to help ease people into the style.  Fort Collins Z Lager was a huge hit and easily a crowd favorite.  We hope we helped expand a few palates!

Join us this upcoming Thursday, March 20th, for a tasting featuring rye beers.  Rye is appearing a little more often and we thought people would enjoy getting an introduction to them.  If you’ve…

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