Community Tap Craft Beer Festival

Let’s get straight to the point: never miss the Community Tap Craft Beer Festival!

From the location to the organization to the selection of beers, this was a spectacular festival. The food was so-soand items unfortunately ran out too soonbut I was there for the beer anyway.

I started the event at a familiar table, Brewery 85, with a sip of Sweet Tea Sour and quick conversation with Will. This was the start of one of my favorite aspects of the festival: the social spirit. I saw a lot of acquaintances, from old co-workers to friends to some of my favorite people I first met when I poured them Anderson Valley’s Winter Solstice at Greenville’s Craft Beer Festival last year. The vast majority of the tables were manned by actual brewery representatives, all friendly and knowledgeable. An inescapable, convivial atmosphere filled the venue.

I made it through 39 different brews, and here are a few of my favorites:

  • Anderson Valley’s Huge Arker Barrel-aged Russian Imperial Stout – Be forewarned: this is a “call a cab before you drink” beer. A boozy option, Huge Arker doesn’t hide that it’s been aged in Wild Turkey 101 barrels. This bourbon-loving beer drinking thoroughly enjoyed this one.
  • Wetten Imports’ Gouden Carolus Tripel  – This smooth sip with simple, fruity highlights is begging to be added to your summer repertoire.
  • Dogfish Head’s Positive Contact
  • Avery Brewing’s Tweak – To all of the coffee lovers: this one tastes like someone accidentally poured a little beer into an espresso. The coffee flavor is intense.
  • Highland’s BriBar ESB
  • Coast’s Saison Du Fus – I enjoyed this slightly tart optionand not just because drinking it meant I got to meet one of my beer idols, Jaime, founder of SC Brewer’s Association.
  • Stillwater Omnipollo Remix of Premium
  • Windy Hill’s ciders – This was the surprise of the afternoon because many of my beer loving friends who dismissed the joy of a good cider break fell in love this local spot. The chap behind the tap recommended mixing the Ginger Gold with a favorite beer; I’ll have to try that some time.

I really cannot express how perfect this event was. Don’t miss getting your tickets next year!


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