Greenville Craft Beer Festival 2014

On a cool, sunny Saturday morning, Fluor Field came to life with tents, taps and a throng of enthusiastic beer lovers. The Greenville Craft Beer Festival‘s second annual run proved a huge success, with a large crowd tackling more than 30 breweries and attending beer classes.

I had a fantastic time pouring and chatting at the Brewery 85 tent; craft beer drinkers are always the nicest! I saw a ton of familiar faces as well as a met a few new craft connoisseurs Thank you to the readers who stopped and said hi!

My favorite part, though, was spending the afternoon with the freshest face on the scene: my brother, who was celebrating his 25th birthday that day (thank for the Catawba Brewing Company glass, Billy!). I was proud to introduce him to the joys of beer fest drinking, and he offered intriguing new perspectives on beers. My favorite of the afternoon was when he took a whiff of an IPA and deduced it “smells like the downstairs while mom is cooking spaghetti.” I was floored by such a unique description.

When it was all said and done, I had the pleasure of heading to Mac’s Speedshop with a Brewery 85 regular and new friends for even more memorable beer drinking.

My sampling total was underwhelming this timejust 29 beers!but I still found a few new favorites:

  1. Sierra Nevada’s Narwhal and Celebration
  2. Lagunitas DayTime
  3. Natty Greene’s Red Nose Winter
  4. Unknown‘s Pregame Session – The festival was this NC brewery’s first visit to Greenville. Hopefully we’ll see more of their beers soon.

I was also more focused on experiencing the festival with my brother than taking photos, so for GCBF images, visit the Facebook page or check out Marv Parker’s photos at

Did you attend the beer festival? What were your favorite beers?



Brewery 85’s Barrel-aged Yeoman’s

Brewery 85 finally made the post I’ve been waiting months for:

Brewery 85 Bourbon BarrelsMy favorite Greenville beer in barrels of my favorite liquor?! This post deserves 5,000 exclamation points, but I’ll refrain.

Best of all, the wait is practically over: Dust off your growlers and stop by the brewery this Thursday, November 20th, from noon to 7 p.m. for a pour. Yeo-lovers can purchase up to 96 oz per day to take home. Dark Corner Diner will also be around for their final service at the brewery, so don’t miss this kick-ass beer and food!

Also, be on the lookout for more barrel-aged specialties from this new “Backwood Series” of beers.

Some Election Statistics

Did you make it to the polls today? This year IMG_1619.JPGSouth Carolina joined the rest of the US in allowing liquor sales on Election Day, making it easier for you to prepare a stiff drink after waiting in line.

If you felt the need to throw back a beer or several, you aren’t alone: I found these interesting stats about beer and campaign money while sipping a Pumking. Do you think we spend too much on political campaigns? Beer?

I’m for more investing in what the people want… and the people I know want quality craft beer!