Support the Stone Bill

Support the Stone Bill

Here is H. 5153 if you haven’t read it. The companion Senate bill is S. 1230.

If you’re unsure of who your representative is, use the Find Your Legislators search tool. Email addresses are available at Contact Your Legislators.

A HUGE thank you to Brook for keeping everyone informed!


Randall Night at Quest

Quest featured an Ellida IPA with mango, pineapple and Amarillo hops. Don’t be misled by the fruit ingredients: the Amarillo addition keeps the sweetness in check.

I also tried my favorite Quest beer, Kaldi, cask-aged with blackberries. Again, the fruit flavor was very subtle, adding a little sweetness to this imperial coffee stout.


I came for one and stayed for three. After chatting with Lauren Harris, manager of Gowler Haus-Spartanbug, and Craig Kinley from the original Anderson location, I had a half pour of Melusine. A biere de garde (“beer to keep”), this beer really feels like Spring in your mouth. Sweet flavors intermingle with a tongue-tingling carbonation, making me excited for a warmer season and sipping beer on Quest’s lawn.




The snow began to fall around noon yesterday, slowly wafting and eventually sticking by late afternoon.

Nearby friends invited me to a fireside movie night. I set out on the crunchy white path to their apartment with cookies and growler in tow.

Harpoon’s Winter Warmer provided a well-spiced addition to the night. This malty, amber-colored ale offers a lot of cinnamon and a little bitterness to counter the sweet notes. Though not my favorite winter beer, I still look forward to finishing off the growler.

Huge thanks to Greenville Hop House for the beer!