Meet Brewery 85’s 864 Weizen

Brewery 85's 864 Weizen

Guess who got a little excited and drank 75% of her beer before taking a picture.

The first batch of 864 Weizen graced Brewery 85’s taps this evening with all it’s wheaty glory. Let’s not beat around the bush: it’s pretty damn good. Yeoman’s Brown Ale is still my favorite, but 864 takes a very, very close second.

And what’s up with the 864 name? With the help of Riverbend Malt House and SouthYeast Labs, Brewery 85 has produced a beer made entirely of locally sourced ingredients. It’s a taste of the Upstate!

I had a great time at the bar, chatting with a variety of Proterra employees, Meredith McCameron and Jeremy. Everyone at this brewery is so friendly; don’t be afraid to pop in alone for a pint.

Remember that lemony, one-off beer I wrote about tasting during the tour? Turns out it’ll be available at Brewvival this weekend as Sweet Tea Sour. Don’t miss this last chance to sip a unique beer!

Don’t miss another beer release from the talented Will McCameron and his new brewmaster, who starts next month. You can follow Brewery 85 on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Untapped.


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