A new bill is on the way that could change the beer landscape in SC. See what’s being proposed in Brook Bristow’s excellent write-up. When more information becomes available about how to support this bill, I’ll be sure to share.



You might remember not long ago that we looked at what it would take to land either Stone Brewing or Deschutes Brewery as both look to expand to the east coast. ( Now, most laugh this off and think that there is no way that South Carolina could ever hope to land either of these breweries or any other large brewery looking to expand east. And in the past, that has certainly been true. However, that is not the case any longer. Or at least it won’t be soon. Hope is on the horizon for South Carolina.

A team from the Department of Commerce and the South Carolina Brewers Association has been working extremely hard to open the doors for Stone, Deschutes, and any other brewery looking to move east (as well as to improve the existing laws for South Carolina breweries and brewpubs). Now, whether this hard…

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